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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Green Wooden Chair

I came across this chair while walking home from work this evening. It was at the curb with some other trash on Allen Street...I really cannot pass up useful stuff I see in the garbage. It's an attractive chair, and it's solid (well, almost, but nothing a little glue won't remedy)'ll be a nice chair to sit on while I watch my garden grow from my front porch. I like this chair.


Clare said...

Very cool chair! I would've picked it up, too!

googli said...

Really very cool chair!

Colon Cleanse said...

Very nice chair.

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Amenda said...

A master piece. Great


Yeast Infection said...

superb chair.

Cellulite said...

It seems chair are nice and also very comfortable.
I really want to purchase one for my home

Red Wine Extract said...

Superb chair, I want to purchase it.