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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sometimes It's The Darkness...

When I was a kid I loved the winter, and for the most part still do...I love the change of seasons and I still love the snow (for the first couple of months, anyhow). Living in Buffalo you have to enjoy the cold and snow or you'll have problems. We don't get as much snow as our reputation precedes (ever since the blizzard of 77 we've had this reputation, but many other cities, especially Syracuse, get far more snow each year). But what, I believe is what really gets me, what I have to get past is the darkness and greyness. With the advent of the winter months clouds blanket the region and the sun seems not to shine for weeks sometimes (the above shot was taken at 3:30 this afternoon), and with daylight savings it gets dark even is pitch black by 5:30pm...soon it will be even earlier. I'll get over's just that sometimes the grey and dark can get to me. But as I sit here at this moment, in the present, wood stove cooking away a few feet from me, full stomach, glass of wine at hand and loyal dogs at my feet, I have nothing to worry about. Everything is always is. Bring on the night.

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Bikejuju said...

It gets really dark in Seattle, too, though we don't have the snow to deal with. In celebration (?) I'm running a "Dark Days" cycling photo contest, which might interest your readers. See