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Front Yard Vegetable Garden

The front yard victory garden is planted...ah the anticipation.

For resources (and inspiration mostly) on turning your front yard into a vegetable garden click here and here.

To see pictures of my front yard vegetable gardens from previous years click here, here, here, here, and here.

Urban Simplicity.

Oh The Irony (continued)...

Well, first off there is nothing really ironic about this post...I know that much (unless posting about gas mileage on a blog about simplicity counts). This is actually a continuation of a previous post. It was prompted by a comment left by a reader from the E.U. Thus, it's more of a response (to myself, mostly) than a continuation.

In the previous post I had mentioned a dream I had where I said I drove my truck 10,000 miles a year, which is a large amount of driving by any standards. Where I got this arbitrary number your guess is as good as mine. But this did prompt a comment from a reader to ask how I consider myself car lite at that mileage. Initially I answered that in reality I only drove 3600-4800 miles a year (another guess). In truth, I have (or at least had) no idea how many miles I drove my truck last year. What I did know is that those numbers--even 3600--is too high for me. Why would I own 5 bikes and still drive that much, I thought (much less write about it all the…

Emerson Quote

“Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.”
 -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh The Irony...

As I've stated many times in previous posts I am not even close to being car-free (OK, maybe I am close, but I still own a truck) but I would call myself--what Katie Alvord refers to in her excellent book, Divorce Your Car--as "Car-Lite." I own a motorized vehicle but I don't use it that often...this time of year I often only start it to "drive" it from one side of the street to the other when the parking dates change. And sometimes I wonder why I do (but then a -5F day in Jauary reminds me). At any rate, whether I drive it or not this thing costs money, a lot of money.

I beleive car ownership is like a lesser version of a house (indeed, many car payments today are as much as a monthly mortgage payment)...if you buy it new it costs a lot on a monthly basis, and if you buy an older model (or a fixer-upper house) you're constantly putting money into it. And as I refuse (yes refuse) to have a monthly car payment. I tend to purchase older cars/trucks (and u…

Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#176)

Four large ferns in a cardboard box.

Urban Simplicity.

Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#175)

Forty-two vegtetable plants in two plastic crates.
Six wire tomato cages.
A quart of organic rabbit repellent.
A new t-shirt.

Urban Simplicity.

My Groovy New T-Shirt

Jason the High Rider (and bike builder)

I've been meaning to post these pictures for about a week. They're of a fellow biker that I seem to run into somewhat frequently. I posted about him previously on this blog (click here) when I was walking one winter night and saw him and a friend riding tall bikes. I also mad reference to him in a Buffalo Spree article (click here). He not only builds these crazy bikes, he rides them too. And I thought I was bike-eccentric riding a bike that's 7 feet long...his tall bike is probably seven feet tall.

Anyhow, I was on my way home from the Bike Blessing a week or so ago and had my camera on me when I saw him and a friend pedaling this crazy side-by-side tandem down Elmwood Avenue. This thing is so loaded with gadgets it seems almost if it is a parody of a car or something.  Here's a few photos: A hand crank telephone complete with old-fashioned ringer, a fully functioning retro CB radio, a rear LED flashing sign (that said "Your Ad Here" and funct…

An Omelette and a Glass of Wine

OK, I have a couple confessions. One is that the title of this post is borrowed from a book by the same name (click here). It was written by the late British cookery writer, Elizabeth David, who greatly influenced not only the way I cook but also the way I write about food. And while I did have for dinner what the title of this post suggests, the other confession is that I didn't have a glass of wine, I had multiple. I like wine.

Anyhow, after spending the day in a sweltering kitchen I was in my teeny front yard garden watering newly plated vegetables and wondering what to make for dinner. After almost tripping over a giant Swiss chard plant that grew back from last year (pictured above) I I need to get hit over the head with this to eat it. My son was at his mom's house and I was home alone and wanted something simple (which I often do), but also something nourishing and good. So I opted for a Swiss chard omelette.

What's better is that an omelette is …