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A Real Beauty

If I were a wealthy guy--which I'm not--or if I had a disposable income--which I don't--I'd buy one of these beauties. It's a Batavus Personal Delivery Bike...looks like a shorter version of a cargo bike to me. Never rode one but have seen them in a bike shop in Toronto...they're like a work of art. I almost bought one, actually, before purchasing the v3 Mundo. Over recent years I've been trying to ascertain what is a want and what is a need in my life...I definitely do not need one of these bikes (or another bike of any kind, for that matter), but surly I'd like to have one. And hey, nothing wrong with looking, right?

Lobster Killer!

This post is part shameless self-promotion, but also self-interest. It's self-promotion because it refers to--and is linked to--an article I recently wrote for Artvoice weekly paper. The article chronicles my chagrin at having to kill 120 lobsters (yes I had to do it if I wanted to keep my job). This may not bother some people but it did me, and I stated this in the story. Anyhow, as aforementioned, this is also self-interest because of what one reader had to say. Firstly, I have to say (regarding her comments) is that I am glad that she said them...I always find it awesome when a reader is so moved to respond to something I wrote. I also liked some of her comments. She said, for example, my writing had a "hip and flip tone," and that the story was like "a razor in an apple." The only real problem I have with her comments is that she never stated if she were a vegetarian...because as we all know--whether you want to deny it or not--that if you eat meat, poultry…

It's the Little Things

I saw this sign after walking across the Golden Gate Bridge last week with my son. It's at the entrance to a stairway leading under the bridge and to the other side (so you don't have to cross the hellish traffic). The stairs are long and steep so there is a ramp provided for bicyclists to walk their bikes...otherwise this would be inaccessible to many cyclists. It really is the little things...we (cyclists) need more inclusion such as this. The ramp is nothing but a board really (on the left side of the below photo), but it really makes a difference (and made me feel good when I saw it...and a sign explaining it). It reminds me of a much longer version of my plank of gratefulness that I use to enter my house with bikes, especially the Mundo (click here to read about that). I first got the idea when I saw a mechanic at a local bike shop walking bikes up-and-down their basement stairs..."Do you have any idea how many bikes I'd be carrying up these stairs everyday if it…

Really Good Food From A Really Small Garden

If you've been to this blog before then you know that it is mostly about using a bike as a regular form of transportation, but it's also about food (that I grow and cook), and about living simply (which is the most difficult thing, I think). At-any-rate, I am a proponent of getting rid of your lawns...yup tear 'em out and plant gardens. It's way more fun, you don't have to cut the grass, and you get food to eat. I have a teeny garden and I grow enough vegetables for myself and my teenage son to last the summer, plus I ferment and freeze some for the off season. It's still pretty early in the season (no tomatoes yet!) but I have been eating out of the garden for a few days. Before I show you what I made I have to show you what I made it with (peppers and green beans above).

Crisp Romain lettuce.

Japanese eggplant


Basil (amongst other herbs)

These are just a few of the things that are ripe right now. Yesterday I made a whole wheat pizza (and a loaf…

Tour de France

Click here for the official website.

Things That Can Be Carried On (or pulled by) a Bike (#187)

$58.61 in groceries.

Yup, still have a flat on the Mundo so I took the Dahon out with it's Bike Rev trailer...A completely different ride but still just as fun.

Graffiti Knitting

I came upon this bike rack on Haight Street last week. Initially I saw the nice Bridgstone bike attached to it, but then I noticed the post partially covered in knitting. I had seen a few other examples of guerrilla knitting in the city but none on a bike nice, I thought, you won't scratch your bike while you lock it up...and it's attractive, too. If you are not familiar with graffiti knitting and its history, or would like to see other examples, click here and here.

Flat Tires Suck

No way around it, they do: flat tires suck. They're really disappointing. Came home from vacation yesterday looking forward to taking a spin on the Mundo only to discover it had a flat on the front tire...hadn't been on a bike in a week and was really looking forward to it. Maybe it went flat from non-use. Luckily I have a couple other bikes from which to choose...ended up scooting around on my Dahon. It was fun but I was really looking forward to the Mundo. Shops are closed today being Sunday and Independence day...tomorrow too, seeing businesses will honor the holiday then. Looks like I'll have to wait 'till Tuesday for a new tube. I'm sure I'll be able to with my petty little problems, right? Anyhow, pumped it with air...waiting to see if it holds.

Cryptic Message

Found this in a fortune cookie recently...looks like I need to do a lot more thinking.