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Empty City, Empty Streets (the book)

Hello friends, I’m pleased to announce that my second publication is in print and available for purchase. This one is titled, “Empty City. Empty Streets,” and focuses on the first two months of the shutdown when the City of Buffalo was incredibly and completely empty, devoid of people and cars for the most part.  As some of you know I’ve been blessed in that I have not stopped working throughout the pandemic and most of these images were captured on my way to work or on solo evening walks. These—to me—were frightening and confusing times. I felt sort of stunned as I pedaled and walked around the empty city hearing my own steps echo off empty buildings.    This is the cover image for the book, and an example of what's inside...Main Street in New York's second largest city and not a soul in sight. These are once in a lifetime images of a city at a complete and empty standstill.  For this book I made a few changes from my previous (always learning and gr

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