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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Christmas Vow

OK, first a couple of things. I sometimes post with "spiritual overtones," but rarely overtly religious...this, though, falls under the latter. And while I truly believe that all major religions walk the same path and lead in the same direction I identify myself as a Christian, albeit a progressive Christian. Sometimes I think I am so liberal that some may not even recognize me as a Christian...but I am. Meaning I try (italics very intentional) to live my life according to the teachings of Jesus the Christ. Not an in-your-face-I-need-to-convert-you sort of thing, just an internal and very private monitor on how to live my life. I remember a quote by the Dalai Lama I heard (I'm not sure if I read it somewhere or if it was when I saw him speak) where he suggested that you should stay with the religion that you were brought up with, that you are familiar with, because they are all rich and full in their own way (I'm totally paraphrasing). But I am still drawn to an eclectic group of teachers and writers (see the side bar, For The Inner Journey), particularly, New Thought, Metaphysics, and those from the East. One such writer (and teacher, sage, philosopher, prophet, poet) is Paramahansa Yogananda...his writings and lessons have had a profound influence on my life and spiritual journey. So on this second Sunday of Advent I offer you this prayer from Paramahansa Yogananda. It's one of my favorites and can be found in one of his little pocket-sized books, Metaphysical Meditations. It's a vow, actually, and I can only hope to be so self aware someday to abide by his words. To learn more about Paramahansa Yogananda, click here.

A Christmas Vow
"I will prepare for the coming of the Omnipresent baby Christ by cleaning the cradle of my consciousness, now rusty with selfishness, indifference, and sense attachments; and by polishing it with deep, daily, divine meditation, introspection and discrimination. I will re model the cradle with the dazzling soul qualities of brotherly love, humbleness, faith, desire for God-realization, will power, self-control, renunciation, and unselfishness, that I may fittingly celebrate the birth of the Divine Child."
--Paramahansa Yogananda

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