Note to Self:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Pug

This is Franklin, he's one of the two pugs that own me. The other is his brother Maxwell. And it's interesting how different their personalities are. Maxwell, being the alpha of the two is very smart and often serious (he even takes play very seriously), but shall I say this. Let's just say he doesn't have the same canine IQ as his brother...but he sure is happy, and all of the time. He cheers me up (as does his brother); just thought I'd pass along this could you not smile when you look at it.


kimsimplyme said...

As always, I truly enjoy reading your blog. And of could an impish grin from a Pug not provoke a smile? It's often the smallest gestures in a day that impact whether or not one has succeeded in being productive..and your overall peaceful outlook in life exhibits that you do. It's good for others to see..and makes me remember to stop and think. I appreciate the heads up, if you will. Plus, all Pugs are genius. (being owned by two myself...)

the_big_smile said...

This picture gave me a smile too. Thanks!

Joe said...

Kim, Nice to hear from you. And thanks for your kind comments. Yes I try to promote everyday peace and spirituality through my posts, even though most are on cooking and biking, and I'm glad that some readers recognize this. The difficult part is walking (or should I say riding) my talk...being at peace with myself the same way some of my posts come across. And yes, pugs are incredible...they make me spile even on a dark day. Thanks, as usual, for reading and commenting. Peace.