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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fish Bikes

The above photo was taken by a friend on a recent trip to San Fransisco (thanks Monique!). It's a pretty exquisite piece of machinery/art, is it not? I couldn't help thinking how you'd have to have a certain strong constitution to ride a bike that was made to resemble a big fish on wheels. What gives, I wondered? Is it a publicity bike for a fish store? A band? I'll probably never know. But I also began to wonder who else would ride such a bike so I Googled fish bike and was somewhat seems there are plenty of fish in the sea, err...street. Out of curiosity, if there are any San Franciscans (or anyone else for that matter) reading this blog and you know the meaning behind any of these fish bikes I'd love to know.

Image found here.

 Image found here.

Image found here.


Captain Hairdo said...

The "salmon-cycle!"

Anonymous said...

I am building a fish bike because I like the saying "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bike"