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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Human Powered Pickup Truck

Now this is really cool...I came across it at Cargo Bike Gallery. It reminds me of images I've seen of Chinese cargo trikes. And at about $3000 (U.S.) it seems like a pretty good machine. It seems perfect for a person with a small business (that didn't have to travel far). It's made by Main Street Pedicabs. The below video is informative, if not a little a few minutes of it if you want to see a similar version of this trike in action. At the very least it is refreshing and inspiring to see more and more load carrying bikes (and trikes) being built.


Max said...

Joe, you should also check out boxcycles (.com). They are bringing famed Christiania trikes to the US. (and I'm gettin' one!) Not quite as big, but at the same time, not too big to fit through a standard gate, etc.

They're actually giving one away via their facebook page.


Joe said...

Max, I have seen the Christiania Bikes before (on the net, not in person)...they look pretty cool. Let me know when you get one, I'd be interested to know how they are.

Amrita said...

In India there are all sorts of bicycles and rickshaws, you would find it interesting

Joe said...

Amrita, I do find it interesting and I've posted pictures of India trikes in the past. Someday I plan on visiting your beautiful country and ride one for myself.