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New Chain Guard...New Squeak

Last week I posted on prepping the Mule for winter (click here) and one of the things that I wanted to do was install a new chain guard. Well, the short answer is that I was able to install it and I really do love it. I love how efficient it is and I love how it looks (I know not everyone will agree with me on that second part...I used to be part of the non-chain guard camp myself). You can see how it originally looked in the upper left photo, and then how it protects my pants in the photo next to it. The slightly longer version of the story is that when I purchased the guard I was not aware that the bracket mounted behind the crank. I do most of my own bike repairs but had never removed a crank and bottom bracket. Well, lets just say that this was no easy task on a bike that is more than 10 years old (I'm guessing as I bought it used), and on one that has primarily been used as a winter bike. Needless to say it took the purchase of two new small tools (not a problem; I like owning my own tools), and two trips to the bike shop (click here to see it being towed by the Mundo). On the bright side--besides the fact that I love the new chain guard--I am now fully acquainted with the removal and reassembly of a crank and bottom bracket :)

Now here's where I'm hoping some of my virtual bike friends can be of assistance. Since installing the new apparatus I not only have a new chain guard but also a new squeak. There is nothing rubbing, everything is securely re-installed, and it sounds like it is coming from the left crank (which seems to be firmly attached) or possibly inside the left side of the bottom bracket. It happens when I press down with my left foot; when I coast there is no sound. I'm also wondering if it is something as simple as old pedals...they are original and not the best quality. There is no drag...just a small squeak...enough to make it annoying.  As I rode home tonight from work...squeak, squeak, squeak....

Any thoughts?


DanT said…
Congrats on the installation. I
f you greased the bearings and races before re-assembly then the odds are that something IS rubbing at the cotterless crank mount.

It could be that the assembly is too loose or too tight.

Good luck, I hate squeaks too.
David Anderson said…
Your crank isn't tight enough. I have the same problem on one of my bikes.
Andy in Germany said…
We've had 'mystery squeaks on bikes where we attached chain guards in the shop. The suggestions above make sense, but it may halp to check that the Right hand (Chain side) crank isn't rubbing against the edge of the large hole it goes through. It isn't obvious from looking at the bike, so we've spent hours trying to find a squeak that was really that simple. If it is that the shop can cure it by sliding the chainguard forwards.
Dr C. said…
Is it a sealed cartridge bottom bracket? They are great but after ten years of wintery riding I'd replace it, and if it is an old cup-and-cone affair I'd go for a cartridge bottom bracket for a winter bike. I would guess that the bottom bracket cups aren't on as tight as they used to be
Isla... said…
Another thing to check - even a healthy sealed BB can squeak if you don't tighten it up fully.

Don't forget that with the chainguard bracket spacing it out a tad, the righthand thread won't be screwed in quite as far, so the thread on the left side will need to screw in a little more to secure the bottom bracket - and given the age of the bike, those extra threads it'll have to use will probably be a bit mucky/rusty.
DanT said…

So after all is said and done, would you put one of these guards on your yuba?

Enquiring minds need to know!

Joe said…
Thanks guys for your comments and suggestions; they all made sense to me. I squeaked to and from work today, and unfortunately because of working a double shift tommorrow and other commitments the next I won't be able to address the situation for a couple days (I'll probably have to switch bikes to ease my annoyance). I'll post the outcome when I figure it out.

Dan, yes I am considering one on the Mundo...that is the only complaint I have from the v1 Mundo to the v3...the opriginal had a full chain guard.

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