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I've Made a Decision

Before I get to mentioning the decision let me first explain the above image. That is a new rear spring bracket I purchased today for $80 for my truck. I've mentioned many times on this blog that I am not car-free but am car-lite. Anyhow, the above bracket has to replace the rotted one on my late model truck by this Monday before the month ends and my annual inspection runs out. But before it can be replaced a section of the frame--which has rotted--has to have metal plates welded on for support. I'm not sure how much this will cost, but likely more than I'm guessing.

Anyhow, to get to the decision. Once I have the truck repaired I plan on selling it and....drum-roll please....finally go car-free once and for all. I've done it in the past (but not for some years) and will do it again; I'm nearly there already. I'll do a test run of being car-free through the summer months and see how it goes. The aggravation and true cost of car ownership has finally outweighed the value--to me--of owning one. I'll bike, walk, take public transportation (as I do now, only more), and likely join our local car share so I'll be able to use one if I need to get somewhere quickly or out of bike range.

It's interesting, that when I first found that I needed this work done on the truck I was stressed about it (and still am, actually), but in a way it is also is what finally pushed me to make the decision. Everything, some say, happens for a reason.

Urban Simplicity.


tanyapazzy said…
a combo of walking, cycling, transit, carsharing, taxis and rentals IS freeing, Joe! Gr8 blog. Beautiful flower pics, too.
Anonymous said…
Hi Joe.
The 2 adults in our home started with 2 cars, a motorcycle and 2 bikes to:
1 small car, the same motorbike and 4 bicycles.
Life is better and much less complicated now.
Regards from St. Catharines,
Unknown said…
I consider it a selfless, responsible, and compassionate act.

Here`s to you Joe - and hopefully a nice big ripple effect.

Anonymous said…
Awesome life-choice,Joe,just inspiring!!! And hey,you gots a Mundo,you need no truck ;) :P

Once I get mine (Mundo) in the near future,I'll be going as car lite as possible,only driving the family to church Sundays (yes,we could find a closer place to worship,but it's home,and a 30 minute drive down the interstate,PLUS we felt led to be there,so...),when my spinal isues flare up(worse than usual),or when I must take a trip to our old house which is several coutnies away (just too dang far),for at least the summer,see how it goes for me. Just got word today it's not as "by choice" as I'd lke,since her hours at work will be cut significantly starting next month,but hey,I was going to be doing it anyways :p I'm lookin forward to a car-very-lite summer,this will be my first official one :D

Awesome,my friend,really :)

The DC
Joe said…
Hey All...just wanted to say thanks for all of your words of encouragement. Being 50 and choosing to not own a car in America is a bit scary (some might replace the word scary with crazy), even if I've been car-lite for a long time. Peace

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