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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Past and Present...a View from My Handlebars separated by 116 Years

So this is interesting, I think. Earlier today I came across some old photos on this site (I love old photography). Anyhow, a few of the photos were streets that I travel on virtually every day. So I printed a couple of them out and stood in the spot of what I think is likely where the photographer originally stood 116 years ago. The building above is the Butler Mansion, which at the time was a private residence but is now a business. Both of these photographs were taken while standing on the southeast corner of this intersection. I also found it interesting that in many of the photos (not pictured) that besides people walking and in horse-drawn carriages (being pre-automobile era), there were also plenty of people on bicycles...I'm just saying. But that, I think, is the topic of a future post...

Urban Simplicity.


EmandTea said...

I love this!

Joe George said...

Em-Te...thanks. I found a photo of the TCC from 1895 with a bike in front, I'm going to replicate the image eventually... :)