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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Starry, Starry Night...

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I was at meeting at our church tonight and was feeling overwhelmingly exhausted for some reason; I didn't stay for the entire meeting. I hopped on my bike and rode slowly; it was a cold and cloudless night. The cold--at first--felt jarring. But then as I pedaled and coasted I warmed up and it felt good (as it often does) to be on a bike pedaling through the city at night. I was on a side-street so there was no traffic, and at one point (when there was a slight decline in the road) I coasted and took my hands off the handlebars, leaned back, and looked up. The sky was incredible. I coasted like this--hands free while looking up--for half a block or so. I felt small. I still do. Sometimes things overwhelm me. Life is good. And it's good on so many levels (for me, anyway) to be on a bike. I'm just sayin'...

Urban Simplicity.

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