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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Things that can be carried on a bike (#720)...

Well, the title of this post--and likely some in the future--could be changed to, "Things that can be carried on a normal-sized bike." (But what is normal?) This is my new-ish bike and so far I love zipping around on it and am still making modifications, which will likely be ongoing. As one who likes to be able to carry things with him, I attached a basket to the rear rack, and purchased a wider front rack, to which I've temporarily attached another basket (soda crate) so I could use the bike to grocery shop.

With this said, on the bike: $67.00 in groceries.


jim said...

Hey, Joe,
Love the new ride! I've done nearly the same thing with an Ogre. It's pretty much my main ride now. Aren't the Jones bars fantastic? I smile every time I grab onto them. Best of luck with the new wheels, and be safe! Jim

Joe George said...

Hi Jim, Thanks for your comments. And yes, I love the ride. It is so much fun, and the handlebars are pretty cool, too. I was considering an Ogre but am partial to 26" wheels. The Troll has become my new everyday ride as well. My only complaint is there is no place to mount a kickstand :/