Day 2

The temperature was a little better today...around 25F, didn't need as many layers when I rode the bike.

I did a bunch of errands on the bike today: went to and from the health club, did a small grocery trip, stopped at the bike shop, went to work to pick up my pay check (my last one, as I start a new job next week...yikes!), to the bank, coffee at Starbucks, then to pick up my son from school, we walked home. All in all it only tallied (I'm guessing) about 10 miles.

Tomorrow I'll be driving my vehicle because my son and I are going to Toronto...about 100 miles from my house, well outside the two mile challenge. I haven't had to put gas in my vehicle for a couple of weeks and was shocked when I saw the price at the pump: $3.44 for regular! $40.00 did not even fill up the tank of my little Ford Ranger. Just one more reason why I should ride more.

I'm in the midst of reviewing the book, How To Cook Everything Vegetarian, by Mark Bittman, for ChefTalk. It's a good book. I made a recipe for homemade vegetable burgers, they were delicious. I ate them on this bread (honey-oatmeal bread).