Resolutions...My Two Mile Island...Day 1

I've never been one to make (and successfully keep) New Years resolutions, but I did make one this year. I made it sort of generic and sweeping, this way I've got lots of leeway. The resolution I made is to "get simple," meaning to simplify my life as much as possible. Consciously and unconsciously I've begun this journey some while back... a few years actually. But I want to make a more deliberate effort at this and keeping this blog will hopefully aid in this: by writing my thoughts I will be reviewing my actions on a (somewhat) daily basis.

Another thing (besides the new year) that prompted me to actually start writing on this blog rather than just thinking about it was coming across a site called Clif BarTwo Mile Challenge ( Basically, it's suggesting that if a trip is two miles or less (which is the majority of urban travel) that you should ride your bike rather than drive a car. You can even type in your zip code and it will highlight on a map your two mile radius. Interestingly, last summer I was going to change this blog name from Urban Simplicity to My Two Mile Island, and try to do the same thing but take it a step further and purchase only goods within my two mile radius. Well...that never happened, of course, but i am going to give this a shot.

I tend to be too difficult on myself in general so I'm going to give myself a lot of leeway. But basically, before I leave the house each day I'm going to ask myself If I need to drive or can I ride one of my bikes (or walk) instead.

So here's day one: nothing too eventful, other than the fact that the day I decide to actually start this thing the temperature never made it past 17F. I had the day off so the only time I actually left the house was to go to the health club, which is about a mile or so away. I had enough layers on that by the time I got to the health club I was actually sweating. As usual, it felt great to be on a bike.