Sometimes I think I'm a little nuts...I really do. Is it "normal," I wonder to myself, for a guy in his mid-forties to want to ride a bike when he has a vehicle...and in all types of weather? Then I come across guys like this. Bob Barrett, who is 64, and not only rides a traditional bike to work everyday, he also commutes by water bike across the Puget Sound...and he's been doing it for seven years. Here's a link to an article about him in the Seattle Times.

Then I come across pictures like this and I get inspired.

At any rate, I managed to do all my errands by bike today...even though the temperature never got above 20F. I rode to the JCC for a quick swim (and a nice hot steam), then to the Himalayan Institute to sign up for a class. Then did my grocery shopping on bike. Here's a photo of "the mule" fully loaded, and towing my BicyleR evolution trailer.

I installed the "hitching post" a couple of summers ago. I got the idea from seeing old horse hitching posts that still dot the Buffalo cityscape.

I also managed to bake bread today (it was my day off). The rear of my house (where the kitchen is) is cold, as my small wood burning stove is in the front of the house. This offers ideal conditions for slowly risen bread, which translates to flavor. I let the dough rise and ferment while I was out doing my errands, and baked it in the evening; it was ready for dinner. It tastes as good as it looks.