This is more like it

Finally it's actually cold and snowy in Buffalo. When this photo was taken it was 6F. I ran some errands on the bike and kept somewhat warm, but it was freekin' cold!!

This morning on my way to work I miss-judged a turn in the snow and wiped out (haven't done that in years), and when I did someone in a passing car rolled down their window and bellowed "HA, HA, HA." I couldn't believe it. My first impulse was to "flip him the bird," but then I felt compassion for him, that he felt compelled to do that and also that he was tethered to his vehicle.

It had snowed some more today, and this evening when leaving the house for my meditation meeting I thought of taking my truck (mostly out of safety), but opted against it. I just rode slow. I've also been noticing that if you stand and lean slightly forward during particularly deep and/or slushy sections of the rode, you'll have more controlled steering abilities.