Toronto Bike Culture

O.k., first let me clarify something. I love biking but am not a "distance" rider. I ride mainly as local, urban transportation. I'm a commuter/utility/cargo biker. So when I go to cities such as Toronto with a great bike culture I get excited. I hadn't been there in a while and did a quick two day vacation with my son. I dragged him to a couple of my favorite Toronto Bike shops: Curbside Cycle and the Urbane Cyclist, which both specialize in two wheeled urban transport. Curbside stocks a lot of Euro bikes, including this Dutch delivery bike:

Toronto also has thousands of these bike posts around the city, which makes it easy to park a bike anywhere.

And where in Buffalo have you ever read a sign that said this:

Here's a photo of a sidewalk parking lot:

My favorite bike on Queen Street: