Day Off Ramblings

My (somewhat) new job offers me to have a weekday off, something I haven't done in years. I really enjoy having a weekday off. It's a day for me to do nothing or do errands at my own pace.

One errand that I accomplished today was apply for a new passport. My old one was outdated by at least a decade and I wanted a new one for many reasons, but mostly so it's still relatively easy to cross over into Canada. It was a painless process and I had a chance to walk downtown on a beautiful winter day and take in some of Buffalo's architecture, which is something you'll miss if your trapped in a car.
I really had a nice walk...leisurely and inspired. I said my mantra, silently, for most of the walk.

After having passport photos taken at city hall I left through the back entrance in search of the new post office. I knew it's general location but not the exact address. I asked a woman, as I passed her on the street, if she knew where it was. When she pointed I could see it, it was a few blocks away. She said, "It's a bit of a walk, how far's your car?" Was she joking, I wondered? By the time I got in a car and warmed it up I'd be there.

Afterwards I went to the JCC for a quick steam and swim, then came home and made dinner.

I've given up meat for lent, which is actually a little more difficult than I thought it would be. I don't eat a great deal of meat, but I'm realizing that I unconsciously eat more of it than I thought. On my way home from my walk downtown today I was really hankerin' for a gyro sandwich when I remembered the whole meat abstinence thing (came home and had a vegetable burger instead).

It's not really that difficult to give up meat when you work in a whole foods store, which makes me question myself. Is it really a sacrifice if it's not that difficult?

Then I justify it by the fact that when I eat, and consciously do not eat meat (because it still is a conscious act), I am remembering that I am not eating meat and thus remembering (tuning into) the divine in my usually busy day (even if it is for just a brief moment.

At any rate, I came home from my swim famished. I did what I often do, and that is rummage around in my refrigerator, see what I have, chop it up, saute it in olive oil, garlic, and hot peppers, and toss it with pasta.

Here's the recipe in pictures: