New Chinese Trike

I found this used Chinese trike on craigslist about a week ago and bought it on the spot. It's more of a novelty than anything, but it's a real workhorse. It's geared low and the maximum speed is probably like 5mph, but that's not a bad thing because the brake system sucks, to put it mildly (one of the photos shows this...a leather strap that is pulled tight around a drum on the axle). It's precarious to ride, and takes some getting used to...the looks and comments I get are interesting. As one might expect it can really carry's some pictures: one is with a weeks worth of groceries (with plenty of room to spare), one is where I have it loaded with 4 bags of topsoil (40 pounds each), and yet another loaded down with bricks for my garden. The real problem with the brakes (or lack there of) comes to full reality when trying to stop a trike loaded with bricks or 160 pounds of dirt. But that's also what makes it's a fun bike to ride. This trike is just one more reason not to use my gas guzzling vehicle.