Frontyard Corn

S0 it's been three months since I've updated this blog. It seems that on the one hand I've had such a busy summer that I haven't been able to get anything done (the checklist on my refrigerator that I wrote in the spring for a summer "to do List" does not have one single thing checked off), but on the other hand I can't recall what has kept me so busy...and I thought this was a blog about living simply?

At any rate, the gardens are out of control this time every year they turn into what I call my "savage gardens," basically left to go wild...weeds and all. That, in fact, was one thing on my summer checklist: not to let the garden get out of control. Well, that never worked as planned. The one plant in particular that is doing well this year is the corn. Most of it is in the front neighbors probably think I'm's planted on either side of my walkway so in order to reach the front door you have to go through a mini cornfield...It's a pretty neat feeling. Here's a few photos: