Little Gordon Nightmare

It saddens me, it really does, when I see this stuff. I recently came across an article about these videos in a well known food magazine. When I googled them I couldn't believe it...I still can't. There are tons of them, and apparently they're pretty popular. They're videos of a child that is dubbed Little Gordon, and he acts just like Gordon Ramsay. It's frightening. He's wearing a little chef's coat and has his hair done just like the adult Gordon...and he curses (bleeps) and treats people like they're pieces of dirt, just like the adult Gordon. I have a couple questions; many, actually, but I'll only pose a few. Are those his real parents? And if so, are they willing to sacrifice their son's youth for money and (pseudo) fame? If they are not his real parents where the hell are they? And how do you get a young kid to act like this? This is sad for the chef's profession, but mostly this is sad for our society. If you're interested in how I feel about Gordon Ramsay's TV show you can see it in an earlier post here. I realize that I shouldn't even post these videos on my blog because it promotes this nonsense, but I am just so floored by them I can't help it. The thing, I think, that saddens me the most about these videos is this kid himself, and the loss of his his age shouldn't he be out climbing a tree or something. Instead he's acting like a bitter forty year old on the verge of a heart attack.