Alan Scott 1936 - 2009

(Photo credit : Art Rogers, the New York Times)

I learned today of the death of Alan Scott, co-author of the seminal book, The Bread Builders. He was also owner of the company, Ovencrafters, which specialized in hand-built brick ovens. His book undoubtedly touched millions of professional and novice bakers, including the one typing these words. When I came across his book I devoured it; the pages are so full of information but at the same time written in an easy to understand way. It's mostly because of his book that I have learned to truly understand sourdough bread making. It is also because of his book the I built an outdoor wood-fired oven at my previous residence. And his book is without doubt the reason I am able to bake naturally-leavened loaves of bread like this one:

On a separate but inadvertently related note: The church of which I am a member is Pilgrim-St. Luke's UCC on the corner of Richmond and Utica in Buffalo, NY. I am also a member of the Board of Deacons. When serving communion we break bread with a loaf of bread, opposed to communion wafers. The reason I am mentioning this is that when I am scheduled to assist the Pastor in serving communion I more-often-than-not bake the bread the night before. I was scheduled today and baked a beautiful loaf last night, this was before I learned of Mr. Scott's death; I read of the news this morning. Later, as I stood at the side of the altar with another Deacon while our Pastor said a prayer and held the loaf of bread and broke it, I was struck by how beautiful it was. I also realized how effortless it is for me to bake such a beautiful loaf, and this, I thought, was partly to do with Alan Scott's book. And for that I am very thankful...I am sure his work will influence bakers for generations to come. Thank you Alan Scott, thank you very much.

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