Friday Night Fish Fry

Some readers of this blog may already know that I cook professionally; I'm the chef of a private women's club. Normally, I don't present photos or recipes from my work life on this blog because this is about my (sometimes inept) attempts of simplicity in my personal life; but like many people, my work and personal life often mesh.

Anyhow, it is Lent and Friday night fish fry is a common tradition in the area in which I live. Last night we had a traditional Lenten fish fry where I fried about 90 pieces of fish, which is really not that many compared to some restaurants. Nonetheless, it's such a simple meal, yet a truly delicious one. And when done correctly (and eaten in moderation, of course), deep-fried fish, I think, can be a healthy meal as well.

Hot, clean fat, and superbly fresh fish are really key. Take a look at these photos (click them on for a larger view); even now my mouth waters when I see them.

Click here for a basic recipe for beer battered haddock, and click here if you need instruction on deep-frying.