Unplugged Earth

I read somewhere recently (though I can't remember where) that up to forty percent of your household electricity usage can be accredited to things that aren't even turned on...you know, all those little blinky lights and clocks on your electronics that you don't even notice. With that said, imagine how much electricity consumption we would reduce if we unplugged these things, and on a larger scale, think of the enormous cities that have their lights on 24/7.

I was in Toronto last year for Earth Hour (by coincidence, not intentional); Toronto was a participating city. I was in a pub just off Toronto Life Square, and went out at the time it was to begin (9:00pm...I think). It was, to say the least, incredible. Standing in the center of this enormous city (Canada's largest, I believe) and watching the skyscrapers one-by-one being shut down. The billboards went dark, as did everything else. The hotel I was staying in had notices alerting the guests that they were participating in the event, and while it was optional, they encouraged the guests to comply...from where I was standing I could see the hotel; it went dark, too, save for a few spare rooms. It was truly a profound experience standing there in urban darkness with many other people who also stood there to witness it. Anyhow, here's a short clip of Earth Hour 2009; It's what jogged my memory. Apparently Earth Hour is catching on (though I don't believe Buffalo participated)...too bad we don't practice this monthly, or even weekly, instead of yearly. Or better yet, encourage people not to drive their cars and ride bikes that day. Alright, I'll get off my little soapbox...here's the clip. Earth Hour, by the way, originated in Sydney, Australia.