Barcelona 1908

I came across this video the other day and felt the need to share is truly beautiful, and also mesmerizing. There is a person holding a camera while at the front of a street car (I'm assuming), and they film the city life of Barcelona 1908. There is equally beautiful piano music dubbed over the video. I find three things interesting about this video: (1) The high proportion of bicycles (these style bikes...the ones we ride today...were in their infancy in 1908...they must have been a real novelty at the time). (2) Everyone keeps turning to look at the camera (Was the camera-person riding on the front of the streetcar? Were they hanging out a window? Were they calling out to people?). (3) And this is the most important one...everyone looks so happy. I encourage you to watch it, it will make your day.


Vikki - Mobile, AL said…
Thanks for sharing Barcelona 1908. The mood is so joyful and happy , and it was great to see all the bicycles. We watched it three times!

Also want to let you know, we are an urban-gardening, bike-riding , good-food-lovin' family; and I enjoy your blog very much.

Joe said…
Thanks Vicky, I found the video joyful also...I watched it, and then immediately posted it, then watched it again.
Thanks for posting this! It really captures the spirit of place, doesn't it? Loved it.