Easy As That

I came across this video and thought I'd share it. It was posted by the Dutch site, Amsterdamize. It's an excellent short video showing how easy it is to use a bike as everyday transport (and it's accompanied by pretty good music as well...Gasoline, by Brad Sucks).

What I like about this video is that there is no spandex or flashy bike gear. And nobody is hunched over curly handlebars or the latest fad-bars, "bull horns" (as fixies call them); everyone is in an upright, comfortable, and civilized riding position...just everyday people going about their business on bicycles. When I watch this video it makes me want to get out there and pedal...but mostly coast and take in the city with the wind at my back.

It really is a beautiful video; it's only a few minutes long and I encourage you to watch it. And as the title of the video suggests: bicycling as your everyday transportation really is as Easy As That.

Easy As That from Amsterdamize on Vimeo.