My Personal Challenge

I originally started this blog as a sort of New Years resolution in January '08 (you can read the original post by clicking here). I've always been into biking and walking but wanted Emeril would say...kick it up a notch (I have no idea why I just quoted Emeril because I harbor a secret disdain for the whole celebrity chef thing). Anyhow, I began by attempting a two mile challenge, meaning I would ride or walk any distance within two miles of my house. I got the idea from this site. I encourage you to check it can type in your address and it will display a map with a two mile radias. I go in and out of doing well with the challenge...obviously, living in a region such as the north east US, with it's harsh winters, makes the challenge even more...well, challenging at times. But this time of year it's a breeze. The above image is of my dashboard in my vehicle. Two weeks ago after returning from my sisters house from Easter dinner I set the odometer back to zero. As of yesterday I have driven it just shy of 4 1/2 miles (4.4), not bad for two weeks. As of today it reads a little over six miles; I drove to church today because it was sprinkling...rain really is the only element I don't care to ride a bike in...freezing cold; bundle up...snow; bundle up and be very carful...sweltering heat; take it easy (and maybe bring a change of shirts)...but rain; wet, there's almost no way around it. Anyhow, the forcast looks good this week...hopefully I'll continue to do well with the challenge.