Enough Said

This poster says it all...in both image and few words.

I first came across this poster at the site of ReadyMade.com. At the time it was available for free PDF download, but at last checking it was unavailable. It's a poster by the artist, Nick Dewar. To visit his site, click here. Here's a quote by the artist to accompany the poster (I culled the quote from this blog):

"I hope that America is entering a post-'greed is good' period. I can't think of a single step that would change the nature of our society more than everyone abandoning their automobiles and cycling instead. There would be less dependence on oil, obesity levels would drop dramatically, and reflective bike clips would replace fancy ladies' purses as the current must-have fashion accessory."



Jim said…
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Jim said…
One can only hope... and lead by example. But for a majority of people cyclists are freaks or bums who can't afford a car. Any to change that mindset is not going to happen over night, and may only happen when the environement forces us to - When the effects of pollution and climate change start hurting millions.