Fish, Green Beans, and Pasta: Variation On Two Themes

One of the benefits of being a professional cook is having the ability to make something out of almost anything that is at hand. You've probably seen those "basket tests" that are shown on silly cooking shows (where a chef is handed a basket of odd and sometimes obscure ingredients and is expected to a make a full meal out of it)...well, that's basically what it's like when I open my fridge some evenings...I never know what I'll find (I really do need to go grocery shopping more often). At any rate, I made a cross between two dishes span two nationalities (variation on two themes). I had some fish and pasta so I made a pasta fra diavolo, and I had some green beans so I cut them in half and stewed them in the tomato sauce (like Lebanese style green beans) before adding the fish. I loaded it with garlic and hot peppers...needles to say it was delicious. You can see an earlier post regarding pasta fra diavolo (and a link to a recipe) by clicking here.