An Observation

I have the habit of downloading images that I think are interesting and then sometimes forget about them, only to rediscover them sometime later...such is the case of this photo (click it for a better view). Firstly, I have to admit straight away that I do not know either of these guys, nor do I remember where I downloaded it (thus the lack of photo credit and blurred faces). Anyhow, I find the juxtaposition of these two cyclists both interesting and amusing...the practical and the impractical (just my opinion). The guy on the left, wearing ordinary clothes and riding a long-tail outfitted with an Xtracycle, looks comfortable and at ease with the world around him (again, my opinion, but mostly my interpretation). The guy on the right, however, is head-to-toe in spandex and has the stance of someone wearing the impractical shoes made specifically for cycling that fit into toe-clips which render the person unable walk normally when not on the bike. Is all that spandex really necessary? (Before you rebuke this question check out the clothes this women wore on her world tour.) The spandex guy's bike probably weighs a fifth of the other guys, but with those teensie skinny tires avoiding potholes and cracks in the pavement would be paramount. And I don't know about you, but If I were one of the two I would feel way more comfortable stopping at a local coffee shop dressed like the guy on the long-tail...and it would be much easier to carry stuff home on the long-tail, too...just my opinion (is that pizza he's delivering on the front rack?). I'll get off my little soapbox now.


I understand what you're saying and I tend to the "normal clothes" camp myself, but they're both riding bikes. To me that is all that matters.

And I don't really give a stuff what they wear - or not...

John said…
if the lycra wearing friend is out on a 30+ mile jaunt then i would say its called for, ok maybe a bit extreme, shorts/pants are really all you need to uh keep things comfy but understandable. i do love the guy on the extra cycle, and the fact that they are talking! unheard of.
Joe said…
Hi Guys,

I enjoyed your feedback...I also agree that the most important thing is that they are both on bikes, no matter what their attire...I haven't heard of the World Naked Ride...yow...I wonder if it gets a little sore in area.

Thanks for reading and commenting.
Premodern Bloke said…
And one need not spend a fortune to dress appropriately.

Simplicity and practicality need not be sloppy or aesthetically unpleasing.

Here, here to lycra, neon, and logo free cycling.