Show Me The Green

Well, I actually did it...I sold my old vehicle and am (temporarily) car-free. I took my old vehicle (it was two years older than my teen aged son) to the shop for its annual inspection and it didn't pass. My mechanic (who I trust) told me of it's ailments, and even politely questioned whether I wanted to put the money into it. No, I said, and asked him to take it down from the lift. I posted it on craigslist yesterday, received 15 inquiries, and sold it this evening. So for the first time in something like 20 years I am completely car-free. I have to admit that it will probably only be a temporary condition as I, unfortunately, still feel tethered (however loosely) to a motorized vehicle. At any rate, we're heading into the warm months here in Buffalo, so it should be no problem...but it's odd that I still have being in a bad relationship for years and being apprehensive about know it's not good and that you should leave, but it's what you're used to. I blog (and talk) about bikes almost daily...this will really put it to the least for a while.


Jim said…
Will be intresting to watch. I would like to head that way too. Trying for one car journey a week at the moment. Not always easy.