David Byrne Is A Bike Advocate

I just learned that David Byrne, front man for the Talking Heads, is a life-long bicycle advocate. How cool is that. I always liked their music, now I can appreciate him as a person even more. My favorite album by the Talking Heads is More Songs About Buildings and Food (not that you asked)...it is truly unique, and in my opinion, was one of the (many) sounds that ushered in the new music in the 1980's...some of the young musicians today could learn a few things from the sparseness and simplicity of their songs. Anyhow, Byrne, I've read is also an artist (not surprising) and he has designed a series of bicycle racks which are displayed in and around NYC (I'm going to be there later this month and look forward to seeing them). Below are a few line drawings of them. If you want to see the locations of the racks click here. The video of Byrne and a journalist visiting his racks being made is also pretty good...it's only 3 minutes and worth your time.