If Only...

Photo Credit James Victore, NY Times

If only this were true...that bikes had the majority of the road...maybe eventually...after oil runs out or its cost becomes too prohibitive. This photo is from a book review written by bicycle advocate David Byrne, of Talking Heads fame. Click here if you want to read the review.

On a different yet similar note, I have a confession to make: Today I drove my truck on a trip that was less than a mile each way simply because it was raining and I was tired. I love the rain when I'm sitting on my front porch drinking wine or when I'm in my bed, but not when I'm riding a bike...snow, no problem, bundle up; heat, ditto, but bring a change of clothes...but rain, I don't know...and I'm dubious of motorist's ability to see me. Anyhow, there it is, so much for my Two Mile Challenge...I've come clean.