James the Ice Creamcycle Dude

Photo culled from the Ice Creamcycle Dude's facebook page

I see this guy riding everywhere...pedaling about a mile and hour, dinging his bell, and always smiling. It always makes me smile when I see him pedaling merrily by. Such a simple concept, one may think...buy a trike with a refrigerated compartment, get a permit, load it with stuff and pedal around selling it...think again. It is beyond the thought process of my brain why the bureaucracy of city hall in the Queen City would give this guy such a hard time. They're always trying to bring more people into the city and create a new urban community...if this isn't about sustainability and urban community I don't know what is. Maybe they're a little intimidated by the simplicity of it. To read an article about his struggles with city hall in the Buffalo News click here, to read a similar article in Buffalo Rising click here, and to visit him on facebook click here. Ride on creamcycle dude, ride on.


Anonymous said…
James---don't ever give up- yours is the entrepreneurial(i always have trouble with that word!) spirit that makes our country GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Blessings.PS-You will always have our support.