An Omelette and a Glass of Wine

Tonight for dinner I was able to pick my first bit of food from the garden (exciting)...mostly herbs, and a few scant leaves of spinach, but food none-the-less. I chopped everything rather coarsely, then sauteed it all in olive oil with garlic...making a sort of cross between sofrito and fines herbs. Then I added the eggs to the pan...the coarse chopped herbs and spinach gave it a sort of rustic look...It was delicious (washed down with a glass of wine); the herbs were bursting with flavor.

While I ate I couldn't help but think of Elizabeth David, the late English food writer. Her work had a great impact on my cooking still does today. One of her books, a book of essays, bears the same name as the title of this post, An Omelette and a Glass of Wine, but it was her book, A Book of Mediterranean Food, that changed my life...well, OK, it didn't change my life, but it did change that way I cook. If you would like to read a review I wrote for ChefTalk (about ten years ago) of her book, South Wind Through The Kitchen, click here (then scroll down). If you'd like to read a great article about Elizabeth David in the London Independent, click here.