Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#28)

Six heavy logs (next winter's firewood).

I came across these logs in the trash on my way home from the gym this evening (hence the gym bag)...while some may just see trash...I saw next year's fuel. I only took half of them because that's all I felt I could safely carry (believe-it-or-not I actually know my limits...sometimes). These logs were far one of the heaviest loads I've carried (maybe the heaviest). They were recently cut down so they are still full of moisture, which of course translates to weight. I have to admit that this is the first time I felt any significant frame sway on the's probably a good thing I only took six logs (I actually had eight loaded but removed two).

I'm not sure if my neighbors are getting used to seeing me carry stuff on a bike, or if they just think I'm a little crazy (most likely the latter)...riding down the street this evening I said hello to a neighbor as they were getting out of their car...they just looked at me, smiled, and shook their head.