Are you kidding me? Is this some kind of a joke?

I was just cruising the website of Curbside Cycles, one of my favorite Toronto bike stores, when I came across this lovely Pashley handlebar bag. It is beautiful, isn't it? How much would you pay for it? I was thinking...well, it is pretty nice, the next time I'm in Toronto maybe I'll pick one up if it's reasonably priced. I guess reasonably priced is all relative...I still have sticker shock. I mean really...I know things are expensive these days but $519.99 CA ($466.99 US) seems a little steep. That kind of money can buy a lot of bungee cords. Hell, you could purchase a pretty good bike for that price.


I want statistics! How many people have purchased them? Who are they? Can I stand next to them while they throw away money? : )
Joe said…
The website states that they have "0 in stock," meaning it is a special would be interesting to see if anyone has actually purchased one of these (they also carry a rear saddle bag for a slightly lower price). The Pashley website lists the handlebar bag at the rock bottom price of 175.00 British pounds, which translates to about $286.00 US (without shipping and handling). I personally find it difficult to believe that even one of these has sold.
John in NH said…
its all about style, the 500$ designer dresses are still being sold and this is similar to that, its about style and form over function, really. not that is is a bad thing, if I had the money and a stylish bike I would totally be drooling over this (well I am, I just cant afford it :P )