Living Simply and Simply Living

The act of living simply in an urban environment is trying at times to say the least. There are so many distractions. Like faith, it takes work. I find that reading what others have to say inspires me. As the author of this book points out, living simply does not necessarily mean that you have to live in a cabin in the woods (though some people choose to do this) means living simply where you are (I'm paraphrasing)...inwardly and outwardly, harmonizing your life. With that thought in mind, I bought a used copy of this book last week at The Strand Bookstore. I read most of it on the train ride home. Like most simple living books, a lot of it is common sense, but there are many good and inspiring tidbits in here as well. I particularly like the way she weaves testimonies of other people's experiences throughout the book. At any rate, it's a good book and I recommend it. If you'd like to order it from Amazon, click here; If you'd like to order a used copy from The Strand, click here; if you happen to be in the NYC area you should find more copies in the either the religion section, philosophy, or self-help...can't remember (there were a half-dozen when I was there a few days ago). If you want to read a Wikipedia post regarding The Strand, click here.


Thanks for this recommendation. I'll seek out a copy.

I am reading The Journals of John Woolman, and his advice on simple living to achieve social equity is even more valuable today than during his lifetime in the sixteenth century.
Joe said…
Hi Val,

I have heard of John Woolman but I'm not familiar with him...I'll have to investigate. Love your art on your blog.