They Paid Me Back

A few weeks ago while I was on holiday in NYC I put a twenty dollar bill into a subway machine and nothing happened. The machine didn't seize just took the money and waited for the next person to come along (who did, and the machine worked fine). Another twenty in the garbage I thought (if you've ever been to NYC you know how expensive it can be...I felt like I was throwing twenties into the wind all weekend). Anyhow, I told my story to the attendant in the glass booth, who was very nice, and he took down my information. That was that...he then gave me and my son free entrance to the subway...a pretty expensive ride I thought, fully expecting never to see the twenty bucks again. Then, much to my surprise, this check arrived in the mail today...they kept their word. I also have to add this final comment: while the people of NYC sometimes have the reputation of being harsh, sometimes rude, and often arrogant, I have never experienced this. While I live in the same state (albeit, the opposite end) and have visited the big apple dozens of times, I have never officially resided there and thus could be categorized as a tourist on my visits...what I'm getting at is that I always find New Yorkers friendly, helpful, and down-to-earth....anyhow, the NYC Transit Authority kept there promise and paid me back.