Mundo In An Urban Cornfield...and a few thoughts

Sort of a harrowing ride home tonight...and it was only about a mile or so.

First, I'm pulling out of a the driveway of the community center where I swim and there's a car in the road getting ready to make a left turn into the same driveway. I needed to cross the street (not at a signal) and it's a busy road where cars fly by way faster than they should, and I know I only have a small window of opportunity before the next batch of cars come from both directions. Our eyes meet, and I pull out. He then begins to turn also, while he's looking at me. He has to stop because I am now in the middle of the road...he then gives me this look like, WTF.

My point is that if I were in a car I would have had the right-of-way...but apparently not on a bike.

Then, after stopping for a couple slices of pizza, I was coasting down Elmwood near Allen Street...and I'm going at a pretty good clip because of a slight incline. As is often the case when riding in the city I scan the cars to make sure no one is ready to open a door. Anyhow, I see a woman standing between two cars getting ready to cross the street. She looks both ways, and even looks directly at me (I think) and steps out. I slam on the brakes (which luckily I just recently adjusted) and skid to a stop. I stop literally about a foot away from her. Keep in mind that the Mundo weighs 65 lbs with nothing on, add another 160 lbs (me) and that's a lot of momentum rolling down a hill. She looks at me and simply says: sorry. It really makes me wonder if she saw me or not...I still believe she did.

Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike: two slices of pizza, a gym bag, and the rider...all arriving home safely after a short but crazy ride.