Too Much Paper

Yesterday I went to K-Mart and made a small purchase, and as is often the case when I went into a big box store, I forgot what I initially went for. I stopped in again today when I remembered. Both times the cashier handed me streams of paper as my receipt...the above photo is from two small purchases...seems like such a waste...must be three feet of paper, of which I didn't care to receive and will never read. Seems like they should be able to ask the customer if they'd like a printed receipt to avoid all this extra paper.


2whls3spds said…
I usually want the receipt but not all the other extraneous crap that goes with it.

Premodern Bloke said…
I have noticed the same trend. I was tempted to tell the cashier that I just want a receipt, not a novel! They have turned receipts into a form of advertising as if anyone really looks at the extraneous information.