Urban Rabbits

I planted six broccoli plants this year....four of them were doing exceptionally well. I use the past tense, were, because this is all that remains of them. A couple days ago these leafy plants were about two feet wide but this is all that's left...stumps. It seems like rabbits are everywhere in the city this summer...cute as they are they are having a devastating effect on urban gardeners.


I don't know how you deal with it, but I have become Mr. McGregor, armed with a tube of tennis balls instead of a hoe.
Premodern Bloke said…
I have always somewhat envied urban gardners because I thought they had fewer pests to deal with. I am a bit surprised to see rabbit damage in an area so dense.

Do you, have a problem with squash bugs, cucumber beetles, and bean beetles? How about racoons?
Joe said…
Yes, yes, yes, and yes...but probably not as much as you would in a rural setting...actually, I find slugs to be the most common. Believe-or-not I've actually seen a few racoons (not in my garden, but in the neighborhood)...and let us not forget rats.