Advice From Julia: Don't Fear Failure

If you're a fan of Julia Child (as I am) you'll find these two videos inspiring. Not only was she full of knowledge, she was also inspiring and encouraged people to simply cook...even if you thought you couldn't. If you have a few minutes watch both these clips. The first one (a mere 45 seconds) is a younger Julia telling her viewers not to fear failure. The second (about six minutes) is an older Julia (75 yrs at the time) putting her advice to the test. She's on live television (the David Letterman Show) making hamburgers and the cooking equipment fails...but she doesn't. She never misses a beat...the hamburger quickly becomes a bizarre sort of steak tartare...I'm not sure who is funnier, her or Letterman.

To read a short bio of Julia, click here.


Suzy said…
LOL What a riot! Thanks for the laughs, Joe!
Sally said…
Just love the videos! Oh for those simple fun times!