Are You Kidding Me (again)?

I first wrote a post with this same title a few months ago regarding a $500 handlebar bag (click here to read that post). Anyhow, for anyone that carries large items on a bike (be it a longtail or not) you know the difficulties of keeping the bike standing when it is loaded but you are not on it. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across the Rolling Jackass bike stand that was specifically designed for longtails (click here), not to mention one specifically for the Yuba. Well, you can also imagine my dismay when I saw the price...$350. Come on guys, I mean really...I don't care how well-built it is, $350 for a kick stand. If I bought one of these things I really feel that the only jackass in the room would be me.


Premodern Bloke said…
This topic also rings my bell.

I am so tired of these ridiculously expensive solutions.

Would the Pletcsher double kickstand work? If not, could it be modified? They run $50 at Velo.
Wern said…
Funny, it is just a wider version of the Herbie that you can get from which only costs $44 (from your pics, it looks like that is the one you use as well).

BTW, love the blog!
Joe said…

Yes I do have a Herbie and it works fine but not with heavy or cumbersome loads.
Yeti said…
I just noticed Yuba now offers a kickstand priced at $73