Autumn. Gardening is over, essentially. And it was a lousy year for it, too. Low yield (probably because of all the rain in the beginning of the season)...some stuff died (corn mostly...not sure why, but other stuff, too...mostly because of my neglect)...and what did survive was taken by the rabbits (damned urban rabbits, click here). Nothing seemed to bother the grapes, though...they're growing like teeny backyard smells like grape juice. For the last few years I've said I'm going to make wine (though I'm a little scared about having access to a basement full of wine...what's the old saying: like a kid in a candy store). A few weeks ago I purchased an antique grape press to facilitate the process, click here. Still not sure, though. Maybe next year. In the meantime I have a lot of grapes to eat and give away.