Experiments In Fermentation

I've been experimenting with fermentation for years...it never ceases to amaze me...put the ingredients together and provide the correct conditions (temperature and no oxygen) and it basically creates (grows) itself . Bread, yogurt, pickled vegetables and sauerkraut...all forms of fermentation. Anyhow, my latest experiment is two-fold. I'm making a form of kim chi using whole cayenne chilies (just picked...aren't they beautiful). Then after the cabbage ferments I'll (theoretically) remove the chilies, puree them to make hot sauce. I chopped cabbage, tossed it with the chilies and salt yesterday...today it's already bubbling. To quote a Tom Petty song...The Waiting Is The Hardest Part. (I've posted on fermentation in the past, to learn about its health benefits and for recipes click here.)