It's Beyond Me.

Tonight I did a few errands on the Yuba Mundo (had it mildly loaded...see previous post) and was on my way home cruising at a somewhat slow speed. As I crossed this intersection I glanced at the traffic light and the sun was in my eyes. The light apparently had just changed and I put myself in extreme peril (of getting hit by a vehicle and also verbal abuse). As I crossed the intersection cars began to move, then stopped to let me pass. Then someone laid on their horn and and poked their fist out the window (I thought that only happened in cartoons) and yelled, "Get outta the way, loser." Loser, I don't think so...I'm not the one all bitter and angry over a four-second wait. It really bothered me at first, then I felt the sun on my face again, and the wind in my (ever thinning) hair...and I rolled home a content man. I just don't understand how someone can yell out the window at another's beyond me. I just don't get it.