Pork Ragu with Whole Wheat Penne (in pictures)

Like most pasta dishes this is one that can be almost infinitely improvised, but pork, tomato sauce, and pasta are one of my favorites. The ingredients can be interchanged to your liking. This is how I made it:

I started with a couple heritage pork chops from the freezer (from T Meadow Farms), a yellow pepper and some basil from the garden (yes, believe-it-or-not, there are a few things still hanging on in the garden).

After dicing the ingredients (along with an onion) I sauteed them in olive oil and added an entire chopped clove of elephant garlic.

After seasoning it with a little hot pepper flakes and fennel seed, I added about 3 cups of homemade tomato sauce that I had in the freezer (which was made with heirloom tomatoes from the garden).

While the sauce simmered and the meat became tender (and all the flavors had a chance to marry), I boiled some whole wheat pasta very al dente.

I added the (undercooked) pasta to the sauce and allowed it to finish cooking (and absorb flavors). Then tossed it with a little Pecorino Romano Cheese. Yum!